Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Carving a Stamp

Today my son David and I carved stamps out of rubbers. I made a kettle and David a flower. It was great fun........

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Figure Drawing Class

Today I took part in a figure drawing class. It was a great experience for me. During my academic studies I had the opportunity to learn sketching and drawing. But this is more than 20 years gone. So I was very excited today. The class description says that we need a sketch block about 24 to 36 inch wide. So I bought this enormous block. But how should I carry it?
Yesterday I sew a bag for this drawing block. I must confess I made it large enough to put my cutting mat in it if needed.
Here I show you my sketching and my new carry bag for cutting mat and huge sketch blocks.

to show you how huge this bag is I put my iron in front of the bag

standing figure

this position was difficult to me

I am happy to find this class it will be three or four times a year and I want to participate again. It is a big motivation to sketch more during the weeks.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Thread Sketching - First Time

I am always open to learn new skills and to try new things I explore on all these awesome blogs out there in the world wide web. I discovered Susan Brubaker Knapp and her ebooks: "Quilting Arts: Thread Sketching 101" and "Point, Click, Quilt" a few month ago. My first try in this thread art was a mug rug with some apples on it. I cut the apples out form a printed fabric, machine applied them on linen and did my firt time thread sketching... Here are the results:

Apples first thread sketching ever.... I love this technique - want to make more 

the comlete mug rug  I sent to Tassmania together with the one below

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen
 I participated in an international mug rug swap hosted by Michele Foster from the Quilting Gallery.
It was a great fun to swap all over the world. Michele picked us partners and we did the rest via e-mail and facebook.
I learned a new skill and got a new friend from literally the other side of this planet. It was a great experience to me.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loose Cutting Class with Uta Lenk

 Last weekend I attended a class on "Der Petersberg" with Uta Lenk to learn a new skill and to relax in a really pleasant surrounding. I love to be on Petersberg because of the beautiful woods around and the hospitably accommodation. Here are a few pictures from the wood and the old church which is the center of Petersberg.

We learned to free us from the ruler and the strait seems to sew soft or sharp curves and to cut this up again and again.

  • I used hand dyed fabric from Uta - you can purchase on Utas website here.

a whole in a tree.....or?

our classroom

Uta Lenk our teacher

This is what I did on this class

I got two new pillow-cases for my couch.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Art Journal Page

Inspirations can come from everywhere. For this page in my Art Journal I was inspired by a label of a new t-shirt I bought this summer. It was a little bit crumpled and has a label on it with the statement:
"I am what I am".
On this page I first printed pink and yellow colors with my GelliArts Printing Plate then I cut out a woman from a fashion magazine as a stencil and painted acrylic paint in yellow and red around it.
The rest of the page I did with a variety of fine liners and crayons.

This label I found in a t-shirt I bought this summer - it was the inspiration to this page

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Book bag for a teacher

When sewing outside with Vickie I made this book bag for a friend of mine. She is a teacher and needed a really big bag. The fabric was from her - It's like a rough linen.

Sewing Outside

Vickie, my best friend and I took the opportunity of sewing outside. My husband built a extension to our balcony a few years ago so we had plenty of space. This is my favorite place in the warm season. I love this place! It's my studio outside during a period of 6 or 7 month a year - in the case it does not rain...
sitting under our tree and sewing...

Vickie's Singer Featherweight - what a cute sewing machine!
My Brother and my new self made ironing board

View to our relaxing zone

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Where I use to swim

We are lucky to live in this beautiful region and in summer I never want to leave for vacation - I enjoy vacation at home very much because of the coolness and calmness of this place.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Blob animals 3

Hello, this is my weekly post about blob-creatures. I create them following Carla Sonheims Free Mini Book "Ye Olde Book of Blobs. I used watercolores, water-resistand fine liners and water soluble pencils.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blob Animals

 New blob animals! I'm so excited about these "Art of Silliness" from Carla Sonheim at I did this two blob cats on Sunday morning. One of the cats is digging after a mouse, but the mouse is very smart and escaped... look how.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Blob Animals

Today I started with drawing from Carla Sonheims Free Mini Book "Ye Olde Book of Blobs. Here are two blob - creatures from my Sketchbook:
I printed her free ebook out and riped these two blobs out. I glued them on a journal page I prepared a few weeks ago with gesso and blue acrylic paint. Than I used water color and a water-resistant black sharpie to figure my creatures out.

It was a great fun to paint these little animals. I've got two books form Carla: "The Drawing Lab" and "The Art Of Silliness". Since I have these books I'm more often painting and drawing than the last two decades. Thank you Carla for pushing me froward.

 Drawing Lab Book Cover