Saturday, April 27, 2013


After this long winter I was totally nuts about fresh colors for my clothing - so I sewed this loop a few days ago.
I'm so excited about these cool colors!
And I just learned  a new skill on my computer. As I told you, I am a learner, I am learning Photoshop as well. So I decided to get the picture of the loop out of it's background.

Making this loop is quite easy: Choose two fabrics 30 cm x 110 cm (12" x 44") and two fabrics 30 cm x 45 cm (12" x 18") and sew in each case a long and a short fabric on the shorter sides together. Then sew the two long pieces right sides together - leaf the ends (the shorter sides) open and turn around.
Press the shawl and twist it one time. Then sew the open ends together. I pressed the ends inside and did two seams over the right side of the loop. - Complete.

I got the fabrics and the idea to this loop from Rita Rabenseifner - Rita's Quilt und Patchwork Studio in Trostberg. To see her webside go here:

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