Friday, May 24, 2013

new outfit for an old dress form

A short while ago I found an old dress form in our basement. It  was in no good condition. But I always wanted one. So I decided to sew a new outfit for it. My first problem was how to make a pattern for it. I wanted to have a quilted costume so I can better use pins on it. I pined the batting on the dress form stitching to get the pattern. Then I quilted the fabric directly on the batting.

dress form original
making of the pattern

new fabric
first try-on


on the top I set a pin cushion to have pins always on hand

from the back

the bottom - there was once a foot

from the top

an old lady in a new place

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Art Journal Page

I'm doing another online class:

art, heart & healing on
It is a free online class and I must honor Tam for her video lessons because she shares in the first week two lessons about one hour each for free. The hole class runs five weeks and I bet there will be more one hour lessons for free. Look what I did in my first two lessons - week one.

Tamara Laporte is a mixed media artist, illustrator and online art teacher form UK.

The whole page has a lot of different layers: writings, gesso, stamping with different materials and watercolor painting.

The portrait was painted with water soluble crayons.
The cockchafer was drawn on a teabag and then glued to the page and overpainted with gesso and crayons.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Gelatin Printing Plate

A few days ago I tried gelatin printmaking. I found Linda Germains blog in the Internet and I am fascinated about her art. She shares tutorials about making gelatin printing plates. I picked it up and I am hooked! See the tutorials here:

The first try was not so bad although I know it wasn't really good. But I did some prints. The plate didn't stand long but I've already made an other one. For this one I used more gelatin and the new plate is even better than the first one was.
I made my plate with a tubber cover

the plate and some of my colors, I used arylic paint

I tried different materials to print with

here: bubble wrap and a yarn