Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate

Finally it arrived!

I ordered this Gel Printing Plate at because in Germany I couldn't get one. So I waited at least about 3 weeks for my Printing Plate. I'm really happy to have it. It is so much easier to make a mono print at any time I want to. My Gelatin Plates always broke after a few days and to make a new took me at least a hole day.
I have very little space to myself to be creative and I am glad to save room through the Printing Pate. It spares me a refrigerator for the gelatin. 
8"to10" Gel Printing Plate

all fresh an new

I just brayered my color on the plate (it was used bevore as you can see)

drawing swirls with a cotton but

brayered black and white

bubbels by using some round marks

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