Saturday, December 7, 2013

Figure Drawing Class

Today I took part in a figure drawing class. It was a great experience for me. During my academic studies I had the opportunity to learn sketching and drawing. But this is more than 20 years gone. So I was very excited today. The class description says that we need a sketch block about 24 to 36 inch wide. So I bought this enormous block. But how should I carry it?
Yesterday I sew a bag for this drawing block. I must confess I made it large enough to put my cutting mat in it if needed.
Here I show you my sketching and my new carry bag for cutting mat and huge sketch blocks.

to show you how huge this bag is I put my iron in front of the bag

standing figure

this position was difficult to me

I am happy to find this class it will be three or four times a year and I want to participate again. It is a big motivation to sketch more during the weeks.

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  1. Wow! The bag is gorgeous! You amaze me again and again!
    The drawing is well captured!