Monday, August 11, 2014

Rafting On River Alz

I was invited  to a rafting tour on river Alz. We had lunch on the raft which drove slowly with the waters and enjoyed the rural environment. It was a silent tour through one of our most beautiful landscapes here in Bavaria (South Germany). The water quality is one of the highest in Germany, nearly drinking water quality. I did this tour often by rubber boat but this time I was really impressed. When driving by rubber boat I always sat very near on the water surface so I couldn't see over the reeds. On the raft I was above all and could look around and had a better view than ever before.

On this raft we moved down the river.

Seebruck our starting point. It's a village on lake Chiemsee. The river Alz is the effluent stream from lake Chiemsee.

Our tour went through a protected landscape on both sides of the river.

Along untouched river banks.

And reeds swayed by the wind.

Our "sister-raft" followed us down the river.

And a typically Bavarian sky was above us...

It was a very windy day.

At the end we arrived Truchtlaching.

A very nice village on river Alz.

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  1. Looks like a very lovely day! Pretty cool to flow down the river on those barge things.