Sunday, August 31, 2014

We Made A Quilt Together !

 My youngest son is interested in sewing since he was in kinder garden. First he sews with his grandmother and me when we mend garment. Then when he was eight years old he did several children classes at Rita's Quilt and Patchwork Studio. He sewed purses, sewing accessories and some pillows. Every now and then he wants to sew on a new project. This year on Easter he started his first quilt. He chose his fabric and started a 'dissapearing nine patch' pattern. One Saturday in the Easter holidays we went to our guild's meeting and David started his first quilt. Since April the first sewn blocks stuck on my design wall and I waited for my suns new interest until August. Fortunately it returned in August. Here you can see him sewing on our terrace. We completed the quilt together. He sewed all the top and I made the quilting and the binding..... For the backing he chooses a fleece fabric.

David in our summer sewing room

highly concentrated......

In our dining room - trying to quilt with the walking foot

that's me on my brother....

we made it !!!


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