Thursday, November 27, 2014

My Creative Space

Today I want to invite you into my little creative space. Originally it's the entrance to our apartment. So the door on the left side directs into the stairway. My room is very small - about 3 to 2,5 meters. So I have to be good organized and have to clean up very often. And must have small things.....

Here is my cutting table (an old sewing machine) and my pressing station 

My sewing table and the windows - this is my whole space..!

To secure my old sewing machine there is a board under the cutting mat

My pressing station is an old table mounted on a board with wheels
Here you can see my Gritzner treadle machine from 1906 - it works!

Under my pressing station I have space for fabric

and in the wardrobe behind I have my stash

I love my little desk and the bookshelf my husband built me

The curtain parts my space from the coat rack 

This is the view you get when you come into my door

I have two old drawers to organize my stuff on my desk

The bookshelf above my cutting table - I designed it and my husband built it for me - love it!
In my bookshelf

Because I have so little space I made me this portable design wall
It's an fleece blanket from the "One Euro Shop" 

I sewed a tunnel on the top and on the bottom and can insert a round timber in each so it hangs flat

 I can hang it in front of the wardrobe

This are my parents and my sons - and a lot of stuff I gather..

Me and my husband as little ones

My journals 

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Walk

I walked around a little lake called 'Obinger See' last week. Here are some pictures for your inspiration. This year November is very soft and warm and I enjoy every day before winter comes.