Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bobbins for embroidery thread

I am addicted to craft supplies. And I have to store them very well because of the lack of space. I want to learn hand embroidery next and so I ordered via Amazon a set of thread for embroidery. I received 100 skeins of thread in different colors. I want to store them well and want to prevent them to get tangled up. Browsing the Internet I saw something to wind up the thread on cardboard bobbins. As a printer working in a board mill I can use the scraps from production. Here you can see my own DIY thread bobbins and how I made them.

Here is my scrapy stripe of card board - it's 4,5 cm wide. For the bobbins I cut it in 5 cm long pieces.

Whith a hole puncher I punched a hole in each to rope them up if wanted.

To fix the thread in the beginning and in the end of winding I cut two slots into the cardboard.