Sunday, December 20, 2015

Urban Sketch from Trostberg

Today I did my very first real urban sketch in Trostberg - a town near my home! I have drawn it out of my car because I was too shy to sit outside where people were passing by.

My setup in the car - I sketched from the passenger seat.

Trostberg has a beautiful historic center on the side of a hill - this is the back side of the main street.

I started with pencil and then used a Pitt Pen XS from Faber Castell for the ink work.

First layer in watercolor.

More layers.

The finished page.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I'm Back - After A Very Hot Summer....

Have a look into my sketchbook:
During this hot summer I did a few sketches and took the "Seeing" - class at Sketchbook School and a watercolor class with Shari Blaukopf at Craftsy. Here are some of my results:

my favorite teapot

one of my old mugs

one line drawing

common mallows

my favorite bags

my favorite bags
the hole page
my favorite cat - we've got four cats....

my watercolor palette

bell flower

Different sky's at Shari Blaukopfs class:

stormy sky

fluffy clouds

morning sky


Saturday, June 13, 2015

From My Sketchbook

I've posted a lot of mixed media stuff but I love to sketch and watercolor as much as mixed media. Here are the last pages from my sketchbook. All done in May and June 2015.

A piece of bread

My bike

Myself a continuous line drawing looking in a round mirror.

Myself looking in a bigger mirror, colored pencil

Barn swallow in pencil and watercolor

Some sparrows - ink and watercolor

complete page


watercolor and water soluble ink - a still life

watercolor and pencil 

continuous line drawing from my vase

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Documented Life Project - Week 19 to Week 22

Although I had not posted the last few weeks I was very busy creating my pages for the Documented Life Project. The May theme was: Texture. Here are all my pages of May - on May 19 I posted the first May page here.

It was my first try with modeling Paste. I started with a page from a moon atlas and worked with a stencil to bring the modeling paste on it. As you can see I worked it over and over - at least all the moon was covert!

Week 21: "Cheesecloth's" was the challenge. I had none so I used absorbent gauze to create the texture. I wanted to make wings from an angel.

The last May challenge was: "Textured Paper - I'm So Not Feeling It!"
I'm not very happy with my colors. I used different textured papers, pages from different old books and used tea bags to get texture on my page.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Figure Drawing Class

Like I told you in my post from May 2 I did a figure drawing class on May 10 - Mothers Day. I made myself a really large sketchbook to draw in and here are my drawings from this class:

front cover of my figure drawing sketchbook

my first attempt - sitting position

detail of the feet

sitting position from an other view

this was very challenging because of the propotions from this view

sitting on the floor 1

sitting on the floor 2

back cover from my journal