Sunday, March 22, 2015

Patchwork With My Son

Today my youngest son and I were at the quarterly meeting of my patchwork group. David is now 12 and he is a passionate quilter since four years. Last year we made a quilt together - you can look at it here: We Made A Quilt Together. Today he started a new project while I have to knit on a pair of socks for him....(Not my favorite needlework...:) ). He did some improve piecing and finished at least four blocks. He wants to make twenty blocks to make another quilt...
Here is the blog of our patchwork group: Freies Handarbeiten. We meet on the second monday every month and on a quarterly basis on saturdays for a longer meeting, in Eggstätt. The full adress is: Grundschule in Eggstätt, Obinger Str. 5, 83125 Eggstätt, Zimmer 29, Erster Stock. You can find our location here on Google Maps.


  1. Good start, David. It looks like you chose a restrained blue/green/black/white palette and then added little bit of red/pink. It will be fun to see how you develop these blocks.

    1. Thank you Ann, we're going to work on it in the next weeks....