Friday, March 27, 2015

Week 10 Of The Documented Life Project

This week was a big challenge for me. First of all the Challenge itself bothered me: "Doodles and Mark Making as a Layer Element". How should I doodle as a layer element? And then I had this terrible "accident" with gesso over not dried black paint.... But see yourself:

I started with this cool painters tool and red acrylic color on yellow toned gesso

with different household tools stamped pattern

my self made stamp form week 8

and here it happened! the black wasn't dry enough so I smashed up the hole page.... but:

after some more gesso - when all layers were dry - I got a very cool background for my page and started again with red

I limited my palette to red, black, white and silver

an then i doodled and doodled....

here you can see that background 

at least I am happy with my page!

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