Sunday, April 12, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 14

The first April challenge was: "Watercolors -  It's Water Under The Bridge". The April theme is: "Color Safari - Exploring Inks and Paints".
It's the second week I am up with all the others because I started the Documented Life Project later in March. So I had the hole week to think about and to work on my page. I used two different qualities of papers a really rough one for the water and a plane one for the sky. But my papers are not special watercolor papers. The plane one is form a sketch - block for drawing and the rough one is the back side of an old wallpaper. First I painted on my papers with watercolors - I tried three or for versions for my water until I was happy with one version. Than I stitched the paper together and did some stitching on the water. My pages was to small for my journal so I framed it with another sort of paper - some hand made very rough one in green. I painted the frame with acrylics and gesso and stamped with a sponge paint on my watercolor painting. Then I painted my "Bridge" - It's just a symbolic bridge - over the waters......

the completed page

my first papers

bridge first stitching

more stitching

glued in my journal

the green frame

first paint on the frame

frame completed and stamping done

with a very rough sponge and gesso and acrylic paint I got these structures

the bridge is filled with white and black marks

detail of the water 

here you can see the roughness of the wallpaper

finished page

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  1. Love the concept/theme for this month. I also enjoyed seeing pictures of your creative process from start to finish.