Saturday, April 11, 2015

Sketching With My Son

As some of you already know my youngest son, David, and I sharing the passion of patchwork and quilting but he also likes to sketch and to paint with me. I am a happy mother of three talented boys and the youngest of them are the one who love the same things than I do. So every now and then we had a cool day or some hours together sharing our passion. Yesterday we made a trip to a very big art supply shop - about 70 km or 45 miles from our home. It's called boesner and has a lot of establishments in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and France and a great online shop. Take a look in this shop they have all what the heart of an artist is longing for....... We peered long through the whole shop and bought some pastells and watercolor pencils. After that we drove to the nearby river Inn and took a little walk to find a place of our own to draw and sketch together......
Here are some pictures of our adventures in sketching...

David trying his new watercolor pencils

river Inn nearby the beautiful town Wasserburg

that's me sketching and old tree trunk

this was our original tree trunk

our sketches

David's tree trunk

and here is mine - done with new water soluble graphite pencils

the tree trunk is part of a sculpture path along the river

 Two weeks ago we did some sketching in our dining room. We sketched some red peppers.

highly concentrated

that's mine sketch

Davids peppers

he is proud of his first red peppers!

I did mine with watercolors

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  1. What a wonderful job you both did! And what a lovely day it must have been, for the two of you!