Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Figure Drawing Class

Like I told you in my post from May 2 I did a figure drawing class on May 10 - Mothers Day. I made myself a really large sketchbook to draw in and here are my drawings from this class:

front cover of my figure drawing sketchbook

my first attempt - sitting position

detail of the feet

sitting position from an other view

this was very challenging because of the propotions from this view

sitting on the floor 1

sitting on the floor 2

back cover from my journal

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 18

The May theme from Documented Life Project is texture and the challenge form May 2 was: Fabric - The Fabric Of Your Life. I experimented with some fabric alternations and painting on fabric. I used an old bed shed to rust a piece, to spray dye one and to paint a piece of it. I did this all last summer and stored the fabrics didn't know what to make of them. So for this challenge I was well prepared. 

the finished page glued in my journal with "Liquitex Matte Gel" which I love for all gluing in my journal

I started with selection of fabric

my first choice - it was spray dyed with "Marabu Fashion Spray - Fabric Spray Paint"

my rusted fabric - I love the outcome of rusting fabric. I wrapped rusty screws in wet fabric and let it stay there in a plastic bag ( so it couldn't dry) for 10 days. 

my second background fabric was painted with "Javana - color for painting on silk ( it works well on cotton )

stabiliser sheets from "Freudenberg S 320) it makes the fabric real stiff

pressed on background

both backgrounds on stabiliser sheets

on my journal

how the rusted fabric looks close up

rusted fabric pressed on fusible web and layed out for pressing on the background

final layout

free hand quilting on the fabric

nearly ready

some details - it's a little Art Quilt

this looks like the shadow of a woman to me

the right side

at least some ribbons and a little quote for my finished page - the ribbons are also stitched on

finished and really happy with the result

Monday, May 4, 2015

Documented Life Project Week 17

The challenge of 25. April (Week 17) was: 'Inks - Before The Ink Is Dry'. I used some pictures out of an old magazine and acrylic inks.

the completed page DLP Week 17

a sneak peek into my creative space 

I started with gesso on my page and cutted out some pictures from an old magazine

glued into place with Liquitex Matte Medium

my inks are from Daler & Rowney "Acrylic Artists Ink"

I dropped the ink on the page

and sprayed some water on the drop

I made a wash with a brush

more color

and water

a foamy wash

than I splashed more color on the page

I used a stencil to make the green dots

than I painted some details

I made some journaling and cutted out a few words

I love my magic carpet

making art is 'ME TIME'

completed page