Saturday, May 2, 2015

Handmade Sketchbook X Large

I want to visit a figure drawing class next week and needed a new sketchbook for this purpose. Last week in the Documented Life Project I got a lot of left over pages and this pages I used to make the cover of my sketchbook. It is about 30 to 42 cm wide this are 12 to 16,5 inches. I made 11 signatures with each 8 pages so I get 88 pages for my sketching.
Here you can see my process of realization:

First three signatures sewn together with kettle stitch at both sides and running stitch in the middle part

11 layer ready to become a front and back cover

I glued the mono prints on my covers with Liquitex matte gel medium

front cover before cutting

front cover back side

now the end page will be glued on the inner side of the back cover

brackets are holding all in place

end page glued on back cover...

I used ribbons to hold the covers together. For a better fixation I feed them through my middle stitches and glued them on the covers with matte medium gel. To open up my sketchbook flat for sketching I didn't glue the book block.

front cover ready

back cover ready

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