Saturday, February 27, 2016

Journal Quilt February

My parents had diamond wedding in February this year. I took this occasion as a reason to start a quilted monthly journal. They are 83 and 81 in 2016 and suffer both from the Parkinson disease. 
Over the last year I started nursing them and since January when my mother got a femoral neck fracture I am really involved in nursing my mum and my dad. Dementia is coming by both of them and I fear this is our last year together. My mother is now in a wheel chair and my dad needs help for nearly every daily activity. 

I want to document every month a special event in our lives as a Journal Quilt to make a living memory for me and my family. Every Page is about 21 cm to 30 cm and I want to file it in a folder. I have written a page about my personal memory and my feelings about this Journal Quilt and how I made it.

the finished page

I started by printing the wedding photo and the text on Lutradur which I prepared with mate medium

then I spritzed textile color from Marabu on my background and Lutradur

from an old bed linen from my parents I cut out the flowers and leafs

just married

I free motion quilted all the pieces on the top of my little quilted page

at least I sewed some gauze offer my mothers veil to give it more dimension

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sampler Quilt Queen Size

I am very happy to present here my biggest quilt I ever did. It's a sampler form Amy Gibsons Sugar Block Club 2014 at her blog: stitcherydickorydock. I've posted a few times about piecing my blocks: hereherehere and here. This are my piecing in 2014. In 2015 I didn't much of this quilt except duplicating every block to get a bigger quilt. Then I needed three attempts to find the right background fabric. Finally I got a fine grey fabric that emphasizes the colors in the pieced blocks. In my winter holidays I sew the quilt top together and during January I quilted the hole quilt with my sewing machine. 
sewing the top together in my little studio
fist finished rows

basting the quilt together

a first impression without quilting

quilting on my sewing machine - I occupied the dining room for nearly 4 weeks....

the finished quilt on the bed

every grey square has another quilt pattern