Sunday, February 21, 2016

Sampler Quilt Queen Size

I am very happy to present here my biggest quilt I ever did. It's a sampler form Amy Gibsons Sugar Block Club 2014 at her blog: stitcherydickorydock. I've posted a few times about piecing my blocks: hereherehere and here. This are my piecing in 2014. In 2015 I didn't much of this quilt except duplicating every block to get a bigger quilt. Then I needed three attempts to find the right background fabric. Finally I got a fine grey fabric that emphasizes the colors in the pieced blocks. In my winter holidays I sew the quilt top together and during January I quilted the hole quilt with my sewing machine. 
sewing the top together in my little studio
fist finished rows

basting the quilt together

a first impression without quilting

quilting on my sewing machine - I occupied the dining room for nearly 4 weeks....

the finished quilt on the bed

every grey square has another quilt pattern


  1. Did you mark the pattern on the fabric before you began to quilt the blocks? Also, did you free motion quilt this? Thank you! I'm getting ready to apply sashing to my quilt and then to quilt it so I'm looking to learn.

    1. Hello LeeAnn, I didn't mark the pattern before quilting and yes I did free motion quilting. I thought about the pattern before quilting and tried some of them out on an extra mini quilt to get in the right motion....